Anthropology on Twitter

Listings of Twitter feeds

  • Twitter and Archaeology - a listing of Twitter feeds from archaeology news servers, ongoing projects, musems, archaeological organizations, CRM firms, and even magazines and TV. Hosted by Kris Hirst at

Groups of associated twitter accounts

  • Anthropology Twitter Group - A list of anthropology students, professors, researchers and anyone with an interest in anthropology overall or any of its many subfields. Group tag in Twitter: #anthro, created by @1D4TW
  • #OAC - Items tagged with #OAC (Open Anthropology Cooperative-related) on Twitter

Individuals on Twitter

  • Anthropologies - an anthropology twitter with a list of feeds, projects and news
  • Paul Wren - Archaeology student and OAC admin
  • Fran Barone - PhD candidate in social anthropology (University of Kent) and OAC admin
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